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It was 1885, and the 200 or so residents of the young prairie town were finally getting used to the new name of "Arlington."

Just the year before, the community had had three names: Nordland, the name the town took on when it was platted in 1880; Denver, which was what the railroad decided to name its depot here (quickly rejected by the post office as confusing); and Arlington, after the colonial center in Virginia. Arlington won out, and it wasn't long after the final name change that the Arlington Sun made its appearance.

The Sun is officially 118 years old. The Sun was not the community's first newspaper. The first newspaper was the Nordland Gazette, published here in May of 1883, but it was the first to carry the Arlington Sun banner.

The Arlington Sun endured from the town's earliest years. It was a paper that was in the hands of one family for over 73 years, four generations of Sturges.

E.W. Smith was the first editor of the Arlington Sun, followed by J.B.Price, then Harry M. Keen and H.S. Smith shortly, after the turn of the century. Bert Lloyd arrived in 1910 and edited the newspaper until 1926, when a Beresford journalist named H.A. Sturges took over.

Sturges remained at the helm as editor and publisher until his death in 1944, when his son, Gerald L. "Gerry" Sturges, succeeded him. The second-generation newspaperman continued as publisher until 1980, when he sold the newspaper to his son, Robert G. "Bob" Sturges. The elder Sturges continued to write for the paper for many years. Robert Sturges passed away on June 19, 2001. His son Tim, then became the Editor and Publisher. Tim Sturges operated the Arlington Sun for two and half years and then sold the paper to Dave Parker who took over on January 1, 2003. Dave Parker operated the Arlington Sun for one year, then sold the paper to Chris and Linda Schumacher of Volga, South Dakota.

The Schumachers have owned and operated the RFD News Group since 1991. They are proud to welcome the Arlington Sun into their family of weekly newspapers.


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